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Horvath 6th Grade All-Around Award


This years recipients of the 6th grade all-around awards are Jake Constantine, son of Todd and Courtney Constantine, and Rebecca Barila, daughter of Rosario and Patricia Barila.

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Congratulations to the 6th Grade All-Around Award Winners of 2017

6th Grade All-Around Award

In an effort to recognize talented and high-achieving elementary students, the BAHS Alumni Association added two new awards in 2013.   The Sixth Grade All-Around Awards are chosen by the DeFranco faculty and given to one boy and one girl at DeFranco Elementary School who have averaged 90 or better in all of their core subjects.  These students are chosen because they excel in academics, leadership, citizenship, and participation in school and community activities.

Students must qualify for this monetary award ($100 per student) according to the following criteria:

1.Students must maintain a 90% or higher average in all core subject areas, which are reading, writing, and mathematics.

2.Students must participate in some of the activities at DeFranco School (such as band, chorus, archery, student lighthouse team, terra-cycle Tuesday, student store, “Souper” Bowl of Caring, etc.) 

3.Students must participate in some activities outside of school (such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, baseball, softball, soccer, football, wrestling, karate, lacrosse, church, youth group, etc.)

4.Last, but not least, to qualify, the student must satisfy the description of an “All-Around Student” given at the top of this page.

The award is to be given annually.  It is financed by a donation given to the Alumni Association by Dr. Bert Horvath and his wife Betty Gregor Horvath, both Bangor graduates, who have distinguished themselves in the field of science research.  They are members of the Alumni Association’s “1885 Club.” 

The awards are chosen by faculty members and administrators at DeFranco and are presented at the Moving Up Ceremony at the end of the school year. 

6th Grade All-Around Award Recipients






Jake Constantine                 Rebecca Barila